Residential Window Cleaning in Cornwall

If you live in Cornwall and are looking for a professional window cleaning company to look after your windows and give them the best cleaning they’ve ever had then you’re in the right place!

Our aim is to provide a service tailored to each individual customer.

This means adapting to your specific needs. For example, in recent years the cleaning industry has developed the pure water pole system which enables us to reach windows or PVC fascias that are either unsafe or impossible to reach by ladder. However in some circumstances the customer may prefer us to use ladders and the traditional method of cleaning windows. That’s why we offer you a choice! Either the pure water fed pole system or traditional ladder work. (Please note, we are fully insured for both methods).

Safety is very important to us and so is the environment around us. Meaning all detergents used in traditional cleaning are safe for the environment. And you won’t see any large footprints that have carelessly trampled all over your flower beds. Respect the environment and respect the environment of our customers!

Conservatory Cleaning

Love using your conservatory again with a beautiful view of your garden. Our professional window cleaning will make sure no smears are left for the clearest of views whichever way you turn.

Gutters and fascias

Make your home look brand new again! It’s amazing how a simple six monthly or once a year clean can improve the look of your property. And because we use pure water it never discolours white or coloured PVC.

Solar Panel Cleaning

You get the best return from your solar panels when they are clean! We don’t find many people whose solar salesman taught them to keep the solar glass clean for the best possible results…but it’s true. And it doesn’t have to be expensive! After all that’s why you have solar energy in the first place.

Traditional Methods

We also use traditional methods using eco-friendly products.